August 19, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

1. So what is Cable Pass Iptv? This is a service that allows you to watch live tv via the internet. High Speed internet is required.

2. What devices can I use this on? You can use this on any android box, firetv, firetv stick, Appletv, Xbox One, cell phones, tablets, laptops. Basically, anything that you can load an app onto OR has a web browser. It Will NOT work with Roku. If you don’t currently have a device, I can get you one with this service pre-installed, just message me. (high-speed internet connection required) Don’t let not having a device stop you! We sell devices in our shop. Use your phone or computer to get the trial to see how great it is and order a device for the long term.

3. What channels do you get? View the channel list by Clicking Here

4. How much does it cost? Prices vary depending on the number of connections needed. This is per month and connections allow you to watch on multiple devices at the same time. If you need more than 5 connections then you will need more than 1 account and pricing is the same for each account. There are no contracts. Pay as you go and cancel anytime. We don’t bill you in advance, you’re responsible for paying your own bill before the expiration date.

5. Can I get a trial? No

6. I don’t have a device, where can I get one? Amazon, Target, BestBuy

7. How do I sign up? There are several options available. You can visit our online store by Clicking Here. You will be able to purchase services in our shop. Payment is accepted via PayPal, but you don’t have to have a PayPal account.  Any questions or concerns just message me.

*NOTE DO NOT PUT ANY NOTES IN YOUR PAYMENTS! Open a Ticket to confirm payment!!

8. What if I need help or support? Support is provided through our Facebook group or through tickets located here. Make sure to click the link and join. We regularly post updates of new channels and movies added to the service. In addition, any outages will be posted as well as when everything is all clear.  Cablepass group page is updated regularly as needed. Also, support hours is Monday through Friday 10a.m. to 8p.m. EST. If you have purchased service and need your username and password you will be notified within 24hrs. If you put in a support ticket your ticket will be answered in 24hrs.